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When Andreas first came to us, he told us about his dream of earning the equivalent of a full-time salary exclusively from passive income earned from rental properties. We sat down together and discussed various strategies for achieving this, particularly in terms of investments. After we developed an investment plan, we began searching for the first property on Andreas’ behalf. We were able to find him a cozy suite apartment of 46 square meters in the very heart of Budapest’s vibrant party district.

Wisely, Andreas didn’t hesitate and quickly snapped it up. Just two months later, the apartment had been beautifully remodeled. Small things were added and touched up, which increased its attractiveness and thus the potential income he could expect to make from the place. He welcomed his first guests only a few days after we first advertised it on the market as a holiday home. Andreas is now continuing his journey by investing in more rental units in downtown Budapest, and is rapidly closing in on his ultimate goal.

To be a part of his success has been incredibly satisfying and inspiring to us. Thank you, Andreas!

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Hampus & Sofia

“A holiday home combined with an investment.” These were the exact words Hampus and Sofia used when we first met. We had the great honor of being involved with them from the very start. We helped them to locate the right sort of property for their needs: one that would give them that feeling of being at home, despite being in a foreign country, when they are there; but also one which would at the same time be an attractive unit to rent out when they are not using it. After a complete renovation with an award-winning architect, the results were just amazing. Today they are the proud owners of a classic-style apartment in downtown Budapest. Its 4.2-meter-high ceiling with crown molding takes you back to nineteenth-century Paris, while its gorgeous marble floors complete the feeling of perfect luxury.
Hampus and Sofia now have their dream home in a European capital city. They’re loving it when they’re in town and profiting from it where they’re away: a win-win scenario for everyone.

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Christoffer is an accountant based in Stockholm who has been investing in the stock market for more than a decade. He had always kept one eye on the real estate market in Sweden. When he discovered the increasing value and potential in the Hungarian property market, he said, “As an accountant I simply can't turn a blind eye. Numbers don't lie.”
Christoffer launched an intensive search of the market and found a great apartment at an amazing location, located just next to the famous and historic Great Synagogue of Budapest in the city center. The only down side was that it needed to be completely stripped and renovated. No problem! Our network of architects, contractors, and subcontractors were more than happy to oblige, and are engaged in the work right now. We’re currently in the process of designing a plan with Chrisoffer for making the most out of its 66 square meters. Once it's ready, we’ll advertise it on the short-term rental market, and Chrisroffer can expect nothing less than a 10 percent annual return on his investment. Another Budapest property success story!